Notes for lectures

(updated regularly)

J.-P. Anker   Evolution equations in negative curvature

D. Barbasch  Stable combinations of special unipotent representations

B. Binegar   HC-Cells, Nilpotent Orbits, Primitive Ideals, and Weyl Group Representations (version with tables)

J. Faraut   Fock models for minimal representations

G. Landweber   Off-shell representations of the super Poincaré group

P. Pansu   Flexibility of surface groups in semi-simple Lie groups

R. Parthasarathy  Representation theoritic harmonic spinors for coherent families

B. Speh   Cuspidal representations of reductive groups  

T. N. Venkataramana   Discrete components of some complementary series representations

R. Zierau   The structure of certain components of Springer fibers